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Uttar Pradesh

Looking for ghazala, sre, Uttar Pradesh

Posted on  02 October, 2011 by  janu, UP

Email: rahul.vadhiya(at)ymail.com


dear ghazal,

i miss u so much, tom bin chal na pau ga. pls come back.

i miss u so much.

Looking for Geeta Prasad, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Posted on 08 August, 2010 by Vivienne Scott (married name Friedrich), Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Email: marjcecil(at)web.de


I now live in Germany and would be thrilled to meet up with her again. She qualified as a lawyer and worked in the civil courts. i would love to meet again. We studied together at St Maria Goretti's Convent in Bareilly

Looking for Gyan Prakash Madan, Kanpur

Posted on 07 October, 2007 by Narendra Seksaria, Banswara, Rajasthan

Email: narendraseksaria(at)rediffmail.com


Dear Gyan, It is long time, no see. Please do write back immediately if you read this message. It would be fun to have you back in touch. It would be fun also to have Esha Gupta, Veera Sharma, Atam Prit back in touch Narendra Seksaria

Looking for Gautam Seth, Indian Institute of Business Management, Patna (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)

Posted on 20 November, 2005 by Snehasish Chakraborty, Tumsar, Maharashtra.

Email:  snehchakra(at)sancharnet.in


hey gautam, where are you yaar. In some hotel? hope you remember me. I still remember the days we spent together at Patna. Those were the days yaar. where is amit? Ramesh is in Kolkata. I am here at Tumsar Maharashtra near Nagpur. Be in touch. What about others? CAN YOU GIVE ME YOUR CONTACT NUMBER?

yours, Ashish

Looking for Gary Phillipowsky, Agra.

Posted on 31 December, 2005 by Vivienne Stephens, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

E-mail : super_mum009(at)hotmail.com


I am in search for my good friend Gary Phillipowsky and would like him to get in touch with me via email. He used to attend Bishops School in Pune and was looking after his mother in Agra. Please help me find him. He has two brothers, Bruce and Goosey (Ivan) the latter working in the Army.


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