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Tamil Nadu


Looking for Renganathan / Suriyanarayanan / Sabarigreesan, Srirangam, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 17 June, 2012 by N.Sankaranarayanan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: saisankar65(at)yahoo.com


Hi Friends

Pl go bk to 90's where we 8 of us stayed together in Hosur and wrkg for a pvt co RAPCO, Harita Locks. If anyone come accross this ad pl mail me. I am at present in India, Chennai. My nick name is "Appa" has decided by Renga.


Looking for Ramya.M, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 26 March, 2012 by Suganya.D, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: suganyainarmy(at)gmail.com


Hi Ramya, how are you? where are you? am searching u for log time. guess all your landline and mobile numbers have got changed? if u unable to remember- pls recollect the days which we eagerly tried to attend the Defense interviews. pls mail me once you found me.

Looking for Reshma arora, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 12 February, 2012 by nikita gandhi, chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: cutenikita.gandhi(at)gmail.com


She is not my friend but my mum's sis in chandigargh she used to live in chennai but after she left i have no idea about her whereabouts. pls help me find her. she has a son named sanchit and is in the 1st or 2nd grade.

Looking for Ritu, Kadaloore, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 11 October, 2011 by Rajandran chetty, Tamil Nadu,

Email: chettyrajan(at)gmail.com


Dear Ritu

i Know that you not gonna read this as the first person but i have a hope that someone on this universe have born to take this message to you i really don't know if i will be still there!

yrs has gone almost 18yrs since i left you you but i sill have a tears in my eyes my eyes wana to see you at least once more

any one reading this who know a ritu i dont know her sur name but she was love of my life pls contact me on my email.

Looking for Ravishankar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 28 August, 2011 by Raajaram K, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: raajaramk(at)gmail.com


Dear Ravishankar,

We studied in Blake High School together till 1972. I lived in Manambuchavadi and you lived near Railway Station. Parthasarathy, MS Ramalingam, Shanthi Hussain, Prem, Samiappa all were our classmates. I stood first in 11th.

I am now in Chennai. Please contact me.




Posted on 04 May, 2011 by ABIRAM, TUTICORIN

Email: ziyanal(at)yahoo.com


Ram, hope you remember me as i do every minute of my life. Now, I am in Dubai.

Each time i visit Thoothukudi I pray God help me meet you.

Ovvoru thadavaiyum unnai sandhippean enrha kanavugaloadu vandhu kanneeroadu thirumbuhireayn!

How is Meena & Padma?

Mannikka maattaaya? Un manam irangi?

I have got married. But not living in peace. I missed you in life.

Ippavum nee idhai paarththu enakku email pannuvaai enra nambikkaiyilthaan idhai ezhudhuhireayn!

En manadhai pagirndhu kolhlhaththaan unnai theaduhireayn.

How is children?

Message 2:

My dear Ram, hope you remember our days at GPT and in particularly, the day we met last at Paanchaalan Kurichi koattai in 1989.

After that, i moved to Dubai & visiting Thoothukudi with a hope to find you. But, each time i am returning with tears.

Contact me please.....

Best regards,


Looking for Ramesh Babu, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Paradesh

Posted on 03 March, 2011 by Linda Jamuna Ravee, Singapore

Email: linda_jr_cotha(at)hotmail.com


My husband Ravee and I first met with Ramesh Babu on our honeymoon vacation in Kurumba Village Resort Maldives where Ramesh Babu worked. This was in April 1989 and subsequently in 1990 in Tamil Nadu itself when we were again on vacation. My husband and I are hoping to recontact Ramesh Babu again and we are hoping this tool will help us relocate him.

Looking for S. Radha, Chennai

Posted on 01 March, 2011 by r.n.ranganath, Bangalore

Email: rn_ranganath(at)yahoo.co.in


hi. how r u? where r u ?

i am in yalahanka same house.

Please call me. u must be remembering those 10th class days i can never ever forget those beautiful days.

Looking for Rakama d/o Adikalam, Kollamvaiyal village, Sillatur, Arantangi, Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 04 May, 2010 by Araiyi d/o Adikalam, Malaysia, (Native Tamil Nadu)

Email: mani_136(at)hotmail.com


I was married off to an elderly man from Mookudi village, Arantangi and left to Malaysia 50-60 years ago. As our parents were dead and our uncle too passed away, we were split and married off so that our uncles (sitapa) could take our properties away. I only want you aka, I cry every time I think of you. I missed you so much. You brought me up from the age of 5 when mum committed suicide as sitapa was disturbing her. Please before we die i wish to meet you.

Looking for M. Rajeshwaran, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Posted on  28 April, 2010 by Sona, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Email: jenyjackson007(at)gmail.com


We were best friends in our school days.. at Gabdhi vidhayalaya school, Tirupur. Our friendship started in 7th & lost it after 8th..2002. Hmmm.. he likes Actor Ajith those days. He has a younger brother too.

Hope i find my friend...

Looking for Rajesh raghavan, Chennai west mambalam, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 17 December, 2009 by nilaa, chennai, Tamil Nadu


hi rajesh we studied in computer point. do you remember me? you were having contact and suddenly vanished. where the hell are you friend? lastly you told you are in west mambalam tambiah road extn. but i tried to call you but your number is not working. what happend? i hope you are safe.

Looking for RISVIYA SULTANA, TIRUNELVELI, Tamil Nadu (Presently Abudhabi)

Posted on 29 June, 2009 by KARTIK RAJA LAXMAN, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: kartik.laxman(at)yahoo.com


Hi Risviya, I am LK from Pushpalata school, Nellai. I searched for you in every possible way but couldn't find you. I can remember the sweet memories, fights.. spent with you in my school days. I can still remember t day when u gifted me a shells written "BEST LUCK.. EVER YOURS". Please get back to me if you get to see this message...PLEASE GOD HELP ME FIND HER...


Looking for S. Rajasekar, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

Posted on  27 April, 2008 by R.Chidambaram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Email: mataharicbe(at)bsnl.in


He studied with me in St. Antony's HSS in Tanjore from 7th to 9th. We studied there from 1975 to 1978. My father was ITI principal. I stayed in ITI quarters with my parents. They stayed in LIC colony. J. Govindarajan was one of my other friends.

Looking for Rajeswari, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 30 November, 2007 by Alfio, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Email: alfiotaj(at)yahoo.com


She and i was born on the same date. That is 8th September. We studied together in fatima college for MBA. SHE WAS IN MADRAS FOR A LONG TIME...SHE WAS WORKING THERE...RAJI.. WHEREEVER U R PLEASE CONTACT ME DA.

Looking for Renny, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 08 September, 2007 by askme, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

Email: rose_zen879(at)yahoo.com


Hello Renny computer science Engineering, we both studied in The Indian Engineering College. Please do reply. I'm very much eager to renew our friendship with you again. How is your parents and now where are you? Your native is Kappikadu near Marthandam isn't?.

Looking for Ruthramurthy Sandilian, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 03 September, 2006 by Lalit Mohan Sharma, Patna, Bihar

Email: lalitmohansharma(at)email.com


Hi sandy of Kendriya Vidyalaya jamalpur, where are you? mail me soon. bye

Looking for Ravindranath (Bokaro Steel), Madras, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 2005-06-05 by Kochettan, Taliparamba, Kerala

Email: baasha(at)emirates.net.ae


My dear Ravindran, Where are you. I met Srikumar two years back. Kid ..... eyoooh !!

More than two decades have passed after we parted..... Will you try to reach me ...


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