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Tamil Nadu

Looking for Julie, St Helen's Girls High School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 26 May, 2011 by Vasuki, Leeds, UK, (from Tamil Nadu)

Email: vasukiram63(at)yahoo.co.uk


Hi Julie,

I was your best friend & classmate from 1st standard to +2.

I have been looking for you for many years now. Where are you and how are you? If I am lucky, you will see this message and contact me.

Looking for Jancy Mary, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 01 September, 2010 by Bala, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: bkrish4zenith(at)gmail.com


U are the one who made everyday as my day... U cheered me up when everything was going wrong... But, U left me when u changed ur School in 10th... I need u back desperately... Plz... I need you di.... Wanna chat with u a lot.... Come to me ASAP...

Looking for Jagadish D, Nagarkoil, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 20 June, 2009 by Sakthivel S, Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu

Email: seailayaraja(at)yahoo.co.in


I am your UG class mate in Bishop Heber College, Trichy during 1989 - 1992. I am searching for you for the last ten years. I have posted several letters to you at your Eraniel address. All bounced back. Some years ago Daniel told me that you have married Veena, your PG class mate and got a job in postal dept. But he didn't know anything about your whereabouts.

Looking for Juliana Prakash, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 18 September, 2006 by Alim

Email: almand3000(at)yahoo.com


Came to maldives as a teacher to teach commerce and was in maldives from 1998 to 2001. mail me


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