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Tamil Nadu

Looking for HEMA. B, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 13 November, 2009 by VARKEY, kottayam, Kerala

Email: varksp(at)yahoo.com


Hi Hema,

Remember me , we were friends in Chennai. u used to live in GOPI s house IN 9TH STREET DR RADHAKRHISHNA SALA . AND heard that u used to work in Mumbai in NIIT . r u still working ?pl reply .

I studied at Sherwood hall school , Chennai and recieved my Bsc in physics from Loyola college, Chennai in 1992.

And i have always been interested in art and interior designing . I went to J&N school of design to became an interior designer and when i found out that i did not like education classes. I took straight interior design classes . I loved it . I aced it . I got my diploma degree in 1993 .

J&N school of design was hardwork, with a lot of labs, studied art, history, interior designing and textiles. We had an interior studio. The program required long hours but it was very interesting .

My first job in the field was in an Architect s firm K.Solomon Architects , Chennai . I saw how furniture was installed, how wood pieces were made, how a blind was put up , that is the on-the-job training-one gets as an intern.

After that i moved to Bangalore and worked for D souza & Sundar Architects for two years . Because of my bosses s help and amazing experience , i gained lot of confidence in interior designing and i am very grateful to my employers who had accepted me to work for them . . Even in school and college i faced embarrassing situations and some painful experiences but in the end I managed to make some very good friends . Even teachers from school and college were very helpful.

After Bangalore , i started working again in Chennai for six years with my partner but it did not work out well . So i decided to start on my own .

Just before moving to Kottayam for good , i got married to Anuja , who is also a former student of BalaVidyalaya.. we have three sons at present .We are very grateful to God that we have three nomal sons. I spend a lot of time playing , laughing , fighting , reading stories, teaching, swimming with my kids . And i am very grateful to my wife Anuja for giving me the confidence to do everything .

At Kottayam , in 2001 i started my own firm Varkey and Co and i find my work more successful here than in Chennai .

Looking for Hoshna, Chennai,

Posted on 22 May, 2009 by Mahalakshmi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: siva_ssp3(at)yahoo.com


Hi Hosh:

This is Mahalakshmi. Searching for you for a very long time but not able to trace you. Hope u have not forgotten the Kodaikanal trip we had during our college and the fun we had. Contacted some old friends but as you know you stand first in the list and i am trying to trace you out. Do contact me if you happen to see this message.

Looking for Hari Basker, Pudhukottai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 01 November, 2008 by Balaji . R, Melbourne

Email: balajiragupathi(at)yahoo.com


Dear Hari, we worked together at IPC in Bangalore. After you went to Kuwait, we lost touch. I like to know your whereabouts. Please contact me ASAP. Can you remember our friends from IPC, Ramesh and Prathap. I have no contacts from either of them.

Looking for Harish, Coimbatore, (Native Kerala)

Posted on 29 March, 2008 by Gayatri, Tamil Nadu (trichy

Email: geegayatri(at)yahoo.com


Are you from Coimbatore KV, 1996 pass out? If so mail me, if you could remember our friendship then mail me. I would like to know about you and your friend babu. I do remember everything and hope the same from other side.


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