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Tamil Nadu


Looking for Divya / Panimalar engineering college, Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 13 August, 2010 by Sridhar, Arakkonam,  Tamil Nadu

Email: sri.teddi(at)gmail.com


hey divya, we studied in sacred heart school at childhood. we went to ur dads office in lunch period, my mom brought lunch at that time didn't find us.. later after an hour she saw us both coming happily walking.. she beat me hard that day

Looking for Dhanesh H, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 20 February, 2006 by Nitin Rramachadran, Calicut, Kerala

Email: nitin_ramachandran(at)yhoo.co.in


where r u man? no address from u? da, wherever u r, if you get this message, please contact me. my phone no is 94479 50928. i am doing my project from a firm in cochin. what abut u man?

got any work? i have contacts of some of our old friends. some are missing. u still in ooty? eda... those days were so good. how did we ever loose our contacts? let us reunite together as before... ur best pal, nitin

Looking for Devi / Meenachi College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 16 July, 2006 by Subbu, Chennai.

Email: p_jagan27(at)rediffmail.com


Devi, what happened in the last moment ? I believe u. last 11 years i think about u. anyway past is past. ok, leave it. now how are u and ur family? Is ur Doctor husband in more love with u? i got msg u have 2 children. what is the name of them?

i believe u must look this letter and reply to me. how is our friend Duja? Every march, ur birth day, i remember that 1996. i present a 40 rupees hero pen. now only i know that's so small if compared with ur status. Devi really that time i never think about ur status. even now also i am a low class person. only 29th may 2006 i got a permanent job for 12000 per month. any way u have taken the right decision in 1996. pl contact me if u see this letter.


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