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Tamil Nadu

Looking for Balaji.V,  trichy, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 20 September, 2011 by Dhanapandian.S, trichy, Tamil Nadu

Email: sdhanapandian(at)gmail.com



Where are you da. The word Partu belongs to you only. I don't ever used to call any one with the name of partu.

Because you are my only partu. Wherever we are, in Eclipse trichy or Godrej Global solutions chennai our friendship goes on for ever.

I missed you in chennai vadapalani. till now I am not able to find you.

Now I am in trichy only.

Hope you will see this.

Waiting for a reply from my beloved PARTU.


Looking for Bella Desai, ootty, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 18 August, 2011 by Jitesh Patel, London, (Gujarat)

Email: jitesh(at)london.com


I am looking for Bella Desai who use to study in SNDT Juhu Mumbai in the year 1983-1984 and one of her friend was Minti Patel.

Bella was from Otty originally.

We meet in 1983 I use to study in R A Podar College and was living in hostel in Sion.

I have lost touch since 1984 don't know if she is settled in India or Abroad. Please if anyone know please email me as soon as possible.

Looking for Brindha, chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on  07 July, 2011 by Ramesh, chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: shankarram401(at)gmail.com


Looking for Brindha, resided in No.14 Upstairs, Subramanyanagar, II st, Kodambakkam, Madras 94.

hi thz ramesh worked in Ashokleyland. After shifted residence at zackriah colony, we met few occasions. came to understand u also shifted residence. No idea where about u? always remember those days where u shared many schooljokes including one "alpha,beeta,k,u". hope now u recollect the olden days. very eager to know about u. hope to hear from u soon. bye

Looking for Binod, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 05 May, 2011 by Grace, chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: savingrace9(at)yahoo.com


Hi Binod,

I am not sure if u still remember me but am Grace. We were good friends back then when i was in India for studies and used to stay in womens hostel. we somehow lost in touch and i would very much like to be in touch once again.

there is a saying "as we move along in life, we tend to lose fake friends and keep the real ones" but in your case its been the opposite. you were the most decent and down to earth person i'd ever come across. so losing a good friend like u would be unfortunate. its been so many years now and am not sure if we'll ever get to talk again but am just praying and hoping that u come across this message and contact me.

the saddest part is we never shared our email address, permanent phone numbers or even home mailing address. we jus had our cell number and when i lost my cell, i lost it all.

u are the most genuine friend and i meant it! so please get back to me soon.

Looking for Balachander, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 16 October, 2008 by JM Kulkarni, Viskhapatnam, Andhra Paradesh

Email: poornima_jayant(at)rediffmail.com


Dear bala we were together in the navy. Went for trek together, after u left navy no news from u. where are u will like to meet u. I am around chennai. tried to find your address from other buddies but no help - jayant

Looking for Bino, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 07 March, 2007 by Reemin, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

Email: reemin27(at)yahoo.com.sg


Hai bino r u still working in chennai. We met 2yrs back in my home. R u get married? Now u can communicate me thro my e-mail id. So pls read this and make touch with me. urs nonsense, idiot, foolish friend of your B.E batch. Got it? make contact o.k....

Looking for Babu P. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 02 December, 2006 by Rajesh Mishra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: rmishra(at)meritoutsource.co.uk


Hi, I am looking for P Babu, who was my classmate in Morning star school, 1990 pass out. He used to stay in Saidapeta. He did his Engineering from Bharat engineering college.

Looking for Bhargavi / Bharat Petroleum, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 15 October, 2006 by chandra, Vijayawada, Arunachal Pradesh

Email: chandru2006foru(at)yahoo.com


Dear friend..

How are you....hope you r doing excellent. Sometimes some good friends give so many good things around. Always good things inspire and I wish to be with that inspiration. All the best to you. Friend in true spirit.

Looking for Banu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Posted on Basky, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Email: basky(at)indosat.net


I used to know you when you were in Annamalai University, heard you're married and settled in the states. Could not get in touch with your brother Sucheendran or your parents, are they all okay? When you come across this message pls contact me


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