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Looking for Ramanjit grover (tutu), Amritsar, Punjab

Posted on 30 January, 2012 by Madhavi Sabharwal (Mehta), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Email: m.sabharwal(at)hotmail.com


We were in Dayal Singh College together in Delhi. Had such great times at your house in Green Park. If U read this message do contact.

Our contact ended but you are still in my memory. Your father had a shop in Khan Market and we often visited it.

Looking for Rashpal Kaur Singh, Punjab

Posted on 03 February, 2011 by Divya Sasi, Kerala

Email: davi11016(at)yahoo.co.in


Hey rashpal, do u remember me? we were best friends till 5th standard at Radiant Indian School, Sharjah. N lost contact since then. I am in search of u...cos of our strong friendship...please reply... I hope i can find you soon and be together again. I love those days with you at school. Always missed u after i changed school. I still remember the very first time we became friends.. the day u helped me when i fell down n hurt my knee due to the rush during the recess bell. i am always grateful to you for ur lov and affection at tht time...which can never be forgotten...

Looking for Rajinder Singh Saini, Punjab

Posted on  14 February, 2010 by gurjinder brar, kermanca 93630, USA

Email: brarji26(at)yahoo.com


We were in school msd public school together in 9th grade, Bhatinda punjab. We call you romi and one our other friend jatinder pal. I miss you guys i moved to california USA in 1989 and your dad name was kundan singh saini he was sdo in bhamy.

Looking for Ruchika Aggarwal / Goyal, chandigarh, Punjab

Posted on 31 July, 2009 by Dr Priti Bala Chand, Port Blair, West bengal

Email: sonu_vusak_priti(at)yahoo.co.in


my dear ruchi, why you stopped writing? i am searching u since 1998. we studied together in model school port blair. i cant forget those days. ur small ponni, now i m having. Please contact me. Today also i m searching my old diaries. please come back in my life as my sister, jan 10, how can i forget? otherwise i am going to give a advt about ur lost..


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