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Looking for PAWAN SHARMA, PATIALA, Punjab

Posted on 01 September, 2012 by  Irvinder Verma, Rajpura

Email: r2cirvin(at)rediffmail.com


Hi Pawan,

Its around 20 years we spoke to each other or even seen. I know you must be busy in your life and kids, but still we can find some time for friends. How is every one, and where do you stay, what you do, what does your spouse do, how many kids, what age are they, when did you get married, these are some important questions, i want to know. Pls contact me. SLU.

Looking for Parmjit Pammi, Kultham, Punjab

Posted on 11 August, 2011 by  Manpreet, Indna Kalaske,  Punjab

Email: telep25(at)hotmail.com


Hey don't u miss me? I miss you where are you? i have been searching for u everywhere I hope to find you soon. I guess u don't even remember me anymore. I used to go to school right front of your office. I hope I can find you soon.

Looking for Parmjit, Kultham, Punjab

Posted on 09 August, 2011 by Manpreet, Canada (Punjab)

Email: telep25(at)hotmail.com


Hey where are u? What are u doing these days. Are in your Medical field. or did you change ur career to something else. Do you still remb. me or not. That school might not be there? Where do u live now. You don't work for the same company do you?

Looking for Punjabi Bagh. S, Patiala, Punjab

Posted on 04 October, 2006 by Gudda, Patiala, Punjab


I just wanted to check whether u remember me or not. Are you in india or abroad? are you married or still a bachelor? if in India which part of the country you are in? I am in chandigarh unmarried. Waiting for your answer.

Looking for Pheel Khana, Patiala, Punjab

Posted on 02 July, 2006 by Jatinder, Patiala


Hi every body. I was associated with Govt. Sen Sec School Pheel khana for 13 years as a student. I am still living in patiala and visited this school some days back. Now I am trying to get in touch with old friends through internet.


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