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Looking for Shubhangi, Pune, Magarpatta, Maharashtra

Posted on 22 May, 2012 by kunal waghmare, Pune hadapsar, Maharashtra

Email: kwkunal05(at)gmail.com


i am searching my friend shubhangi she was working as pharmacist in noble hospital. I meet her in the month of October 2011.My family member was admit there that time my friend shubhangi help me for my family member medicine and from that time i like her i was always seeing her but i couldn't talk wit her. She was there still the month on march 2012 but now she is not there in that noble hospital. Plz help me too find my friend. thanking you.

Looking for Shakil Mohd. Shaik, from Indian Navy, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 11 September, 2011 by M. A.Khan, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Email: sadafk.khan82(at)@gmail.com


Both of us were together in Indian Navy .i have lost your phone number. i tried to contact Alert Guard service were you had worked but couldn't find your contact number.

Looking for shilpa, Maharashtra

Posted on 04 September, 2011 by pankaj patil, sangli, Maharashtra

Email: pankaj94patil(at)gmail.com


hi. i think always u remember me. my heart saying every time.

mae tumsae karib 2000year kae aas pas mila tha 2nd class mae, mae tumhara pura naam nhi janta lakin kuch batae hae jo hum dono ko hi pta hae shayd wo batae tumae yaad hoo hum phli bar 2nd class mae milae kendriya vidyalaya no.2 mae jo jhansi cannt mae hae agar tumae kuch bhi yaad hae to plz contact me ,, i am watting for you plz plz plz plz plz have a nice day.

Looking for Satish Kibey, Nashik, Maharashtra

Posted on 24 July, 2011 by Ashok Gulajkar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Email: Ashokgulajkar(at)yahoo.com


Hi, Satish, I am missing you. Please make a contact. I am in ujjain. We enjoyed in our school life. Now we are so old. We have no contacts because we are all bussy in our own activities. But let us try to enjoy by coming in personal contact. o.k. Ashok Gulajkar 69, Mahankaleshwar Sindhi COLONY UJJAIN.

Looking for Santosh Vibhandik, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 08 July, 2011 by sonu vibhandik, pune, Maharashtra

Email: santoshanu_2009(at)yahoo.in


hi,,,,,dear pl. ghar aayo tum........besuce aapaki dada ki taybyat bahot kharab hi ap jah kahi bhi ho ap jauldi aaho jayo

Looking for Susha, Sudha Rastogi, & Shibani Mukerji - Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 03 July, 2011 by Geeta, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: gretakrish(at)gmail.com


Hi Sudha

We studied together at BLRuia Multipurpose High School in our 12th Science.

How are you doing? Are you in touch with our oter friends like Avani, Shibani?

Look forward to hear from you.

I am in San Jose, California and looking to get back in touch with friends I care about.

Look forward to hear back from you.


Looking for Santosh kathe, Shirur / Nashik, Maharashtra

Posted on 05 June, 2011 by Suryakant, Nashik, Maharashtra

Email: suryakantjoshi(at)ymail.com


hi santosh, where r u?. I am missing u a lot. I want to meet u again. please reply me

Looking for Sandesh Anand Misal, Kolhapur,

Posted on 07 May, 2011 by Pravin, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: p.bhandare81(at)gmail.com



Sandesh Anand Misal studying at New Bombay High School upto 9th Standard in the year 1995 then he went to kolhapur his village till then i don't have any information about him.

if anybody find his information then mail me...

Looking for Shilpa chavan, amrawati, Maharashtra

Posted on 21 April, 2011 by ashish, pune, Maharashtra

Email: ashishssable(at)gmail.com


vmv college, amrawati, maharashtra


where r u, please accept my request on myspace

Looking for shanti trivady, mumbai / andheri, Maharashtra

Posted on 19 April, 2011 by pradeep, ambernath, Maharashtra

Email: pra_tamboli(at)rediff.com


Hi shanti how are you?

Where are you?


Posted on 19 April, 2011 by KISHORE VISPUTE, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: spikeynita(at)gmail.com


Looking for Sengupta's from Air force. He was posted in Mumbai and stayed at Cotton Green Quarters during the year 1975. Probably he was then posted to Delhi. He had only one daughter, then aged 2-3 years. We were also staying at cotton green quarters, and father was posted as MWO.

Please respond if any one has any information of their present location/ contact.

Looking for Suresh kotiyan, mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 06 March, 2011  by lata pagare, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: lata_pagare(at)yahoo.com


hi sonu (suresh) how are you? this is suchita(lata) how are you? we are separated in 1994 since i have not herd from you. you must be married by now so do i but i always think time that we spend together good and bad hope you doing fine miss you a lot LATA. we used to live in goraiBORIVALI hope to see you soon.

Looking for Sayali ganpat ghanwat, Satara, Maharashtra

Posted on 17 February, 2011 by Prashant, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: ingale.prashant54(at)gmail.com


She is my girlfriend her father knows about us that's why he get separated her from me and now i don't know exactly where she is and in what condition she is i want to meet her at any cost but without knowing her parents and her relatives if they got knows about us again then there will be again a big problem.

Looking for Sameer Trivedi, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 24 January, 2011 by Mahesh Kumar, Hyderabad, Andhra Paradesh

Email: ac_maheshkumar(at)yahoo.com


Dear Sameer, Remember our NCC Camps during College days. Pragathi Maha Vidhyalaya, AV college & so on. Where are you now. Searched for you in whole of Hyderabad. So pls contact me.

Looking for sweta gupta, chhaturpur mp, Maharashtra

Posted on 06 December, 2010 by eknath vilas kamlakar, bhadole kolhapur, Maharashtra

Email: eknathkamlakar(at)gmail.com


hi sweta i search u for a long time about 2 years i have undergone very bad position so pls contact me on this address i so try to contact at chharturpur but unable to reach if you read this msg than call me. now i am in delhi i always await for you thank you.

Looking for Sachin Sadashiv Madane, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 06 December, 2010 by eknath vilas kamlakar, bhadole kolhapur, Maharashtra

Email: eknathkamlakar(at)gmail.com




pls contact on this mail address

i tried a lot to find on net and also contact on ph no on narayan housing apartment but bharat refused to tell your address. pls contact me. ru married or not tell me.

Looking for Sandeep, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 08 September, 2010 by shraddha, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: ghatkar.shraddha99(at)yahoo.com


hi..i m searching hear my college friend. we met in college exam days. plz contact me sandeep. u remember that u give me gift a kada.& after that i m very much try 2 contact u. plz i waiting u r reply. i m waiting for your reply...

Looking for Sachin Ghan, Akoka, Maharashtra

Posted on 18 August, 2010 by D M Soni, pune, Maharashtra

Email: dmsoni(at)orpacsys.com


I am searching you past couple of years. tried to contact the common friends. Not even got your phone no. Went to mumbai also but could not find you.

Check with neeraj Kalhane, Lala, Santosh, Rajesh Wakte. Pls. call


Posted on 04 May, 2010 by FIONA DIAS FERNANDES, NALLASOPARA(E)THANE, Maharashtra



please contact me thru email or thru mobile no. 9730155217 I am staying presently in Nallasopara hope u remember me from Auxilium Convent, Bandra. First I was staying in Bhayander. Hope u remember our group (Lovitta, Monica,Veronica,Jayshree,u and myself). Please contact soon.

Looking for Sneaha Gurbani, mulund, Maharashtra

Posted on 22 April, 2010 by Pritpal singh, ambernath, Maharashtra

Email: pritpalsingh007(at)gmail.com


We were together in school and she left the place without contacting me. you shifted to mulund from ulashnagar-golmaidan and now you i am finding difficulty to find you as you are not there on any of the social networking sites.

Looking for Suvarna Anil Jadhav, Thane, Maharashtra

Posted on  17 March, 2010 by Deepak, Maharashtra,

Email: deepakkamble07(at)gmail.com


hi suvarna i m deepak kamble from bedekar college thane if you read this note plz mail me.

Looking for Sangeeta naikade, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 08 July, 2009 by Rajashree patwardhan, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: jay.senapati(at)gmail.com


hi sangeeta we were in ies girls school dadar and ruia college. I know u don't require more detail. I want to be in touch with u mona/rajashree. i don't know if u r in India or usa. we have lost touch with each other for many years now wish u happy life and happy birthday on19th September.

Looking for Swetha Fernandes, Maharashtra

Posted on 29 May, 2009 by Sunderkant srivastava, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: sunderkant.srivastava(at)rediffmail.com


Hi Swetha.. i don't know which part of the world you are in now.... but want to tell you that i was never able to say... "I LOVE YOU" and will love u forever... itz 2009 when i m posting the message to find u.. i tried calling your home spoke to your mom but scared as always couldn't ask much.. just got to know that your not in INDIA... hope someday some part of the world we meet... i'll find you.

HINT as to who i am we use to work in "Global infotech" you worked as stop gap as a receptionist.

Looking for Sanika & Sangrash Chaudhary, NANDED, AURANGABAD, Maharashtra

Posted on 28 April, 2009 by AMRITA JOKHOO, MAURITIUS,

Email: Manish-1992(at)live.com


WE HAD BEEN VERY GOOD FRIENDS FROM MBA CLASS FROM MARATHWADA UNIVERSITY AURANGABAD. i miss you all a lot. I came all the way to Aurangabad to meet you people and could not see anyone & i came back disappointed. pls anyone knowing these friends do help me god bless you all.

Looking for Santosh parmar, School kendriya vidyalaya (kv no.1 srinagar), college-wadia college, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 04 February, 2009 by Dharmendra sethi, Pune

Email: dharmendrasethi(at)yahoo.com


We studied together in srinagar doing our 11th and 12th standard from kv no.1, that was in the year 1984-85. she went to pune after that and we lost touch. in 1988 few letters were exchanged but since then i have no whereabouts of her. last i know is she was studying in wadia college pune and was preparing for po exam in banking. if anyone knows anything on her please do contact me, i will be grateful. As santosh was a great girl, a good classmate and a wonderful friend.

Looking for Shernaz Mistry, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 11 December, 2008 by Kauser, Seaford UK

Email: akessaji(at)talktalk.net


Hi Shernaz remember me? I am Shees's sister (Wilson College 1969-1973). Please get in touch if you can. We are visiting Mumbai and would love to catch up with you and your family. We have been so out of touch and I am not sure if you are still in India even.


Looking for Sudhir More, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 04 September, 2008 by Roshni shahani, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Email: sonu.731(at)gmail.com


Hey sudhir more, I am looking forward to meet you. I still remember the old days. Spent at dalmia lions coll malad west.. I still remember the song you sung " kiski muskarahton pe ho nisar"

Looking for Shubchandra Nahar / Walchand College, Sangli, Maharashtra

Posted on 28 August, 2008 by Fayyaz Mohammed Parkar,  CHiplun, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Email: parkarfm(at)rediffmail.com


We were good friends in Sangli. Nahar was a BE (Civil) final year student, while I was in my SYJC at Willingdon College, Sangli.

He was the one who introduced me to my only girlfriend in Sangli, Madhuri.

He was like a mentor and an elder brother. I have lost touch with him since leaving Sangli.

Looking for Sai nagesh, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 02 February, 2008 by Shamim saiyad, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: shamz123(at)yahoo.co.uk


looking for sai nagesh. we were friends in college .completely lost contact, although i tried contacting you through the old phone numbers that u had given, please give your mobile number or e mail so we could get in touch. if u remember me that is. hopefully u do.

Looking for Sarita Singh, Nandurbar, Maharashtra

Posted on 02 February, 2007 by Vaibhav Madane, Baramati, Maharashtra

Email: vaibhavmadane(at)rediffmail.com
Note : (at) = @


hi, sarita (Boss), where r u? last i heard of u was from vikram that u are in nagpur but that was 8-9 yrs back. how r ur 2 bros. and aunty? i remember our school & college days at Nandurbar & am very eager to know from ur side.

Looking for Sangeetha Mirchandani, Maharashtra

Posted on 2005-08-27 by Elizabeth Joseph, Alappuzha, Kerala

Email: jollyjose10(at)sify.com


We studied together in The Indian School of Kuwait.

Last info I have of her was that she worked as a microbiologist at the Jaslok Hospital - Mumbai.

Looking for Shruthi Shankar. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted by camiya darbin, chennai, Tamil Nadu on 2005-08-05

Email: camiya_darbin(at)hotmail.com


Chinni.. hope i find u someday. Lost u when i came back to india from dubai, after my 7th std. Please mail me if u get this to camiyaunderscordarbinathotmail.

Looking for Shaila Khaan, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted by Solomon Jonathan, Israel on 28 April, 2006

Email: solomony1(at)14.net


x student of sir jacob sassoon high school (bombay) left school and flew abroad without any notice. I always admired her since kinder garden. desperately seeking for her or sister(saika)they were living around byculla. she might remember me as johnny. my brother david, my sister rachel and my father who used to be our p.t teacher.


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