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Looking for ranjita avhad, mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 15 November, 2011 by jayant,  mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: jaynardekar(at)ymail.com


hiiii ranjita how are you so do u remember me?

Yaad Rakhenge hum har kahani Aapki

Lahro k jaisi woh ravani Aapki

Hamko Apne jo dil me basa rakha h

Ye kismat hai meri ya meharbani ha apki

Looking for Ramya Chandrasekaran, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 15 October, 2011 by Anish S, Pune, Maharashtra

Email: anish.rokr(at)gmail.com


Hey Ramya, I don't know where you are ... have been trying to find u since last month ,,, hope u r fine ... Take care !!! I am anish from your school ya !! Hope u reply to my messages and calls .. I know u wont but hope u always stay happy :)

Looking for rashmi kiwale, pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 13 April, 2011 by udi, pune, Maharashtra

Email: djudiyadav69(at)yahoo.com


u r the best friend.....in my life

Looking for Rupanwita mukherjee, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 12 April, 2011 by Abhirup, Kolkata, West bengal

Email: abhi123.abhirup(at)gmail.com


Remember me in the training in HHI. I proposed u when u said u were getting married in December to suman mukhrjee. U gave me a key ring as a gift. I still have it with me. U stayed in deshopriya park. i told you one day we will go for a movie but that day never came. you knew i could not afford the gold class tickets to fame and u told me intentionally to take u there. U were really naughty. You used to tell me about your sister who was doing her IT in hyatt.

I wish we can be together again. just want to see u once as to how have u changed. did u lose weight or gained more. ur height will not increase that i know very well.

hope to be with u one day maybe someday

Looking for Ruhee, Nagpur.

Posted on  22 October, 2010 by Harish, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: hkinger2006(at)yahoo.co.in


hey, where the hell are you? it would be great to get back in touch. just had a feeling you needed to talk to me, even if probably not so you can always keep in touch. it does not cost much :-)

Looking for Rashmi Nabar, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on  27 August, 2010 by Varsha, Bhave, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Me n Rushme were best friends in school - IES batch '86. I am trying to locate her for the past 15 years. After school she shifted to stay in Pune and finished her college from Fergusson College. She did her MA from the University of Pune. She has a bro named "Chaitanya Nabar". If someone knows her whereabouts please contact me.

Looking for Roshna unnikrishnan, Chinmaya mission college, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 03 July, 2010 by divia sabiraj, Dubai

Email: divyasabiraj(at)mail.com


thought of contacting you in many ways. are you still in Mumbai? I will be in Kerala for forty days in august. will celebrate onam from Kerala. I think jaina is also in dubai. do you have any contact with any of our other friends? wherever you are please reply.

Looking for Rajshri Nair, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on  23 April, 2010 by Preeti Desigar, Singapore (Maharashtra native)

Email: preeti_dyl(at)hotmail.com


Hi Raji! How r u. We have lost touch completely. I hope to find u again. I don't have any phone number of urs. Remember Penosh Days? Where r u now? Last i met u some 12 years back with my daughter shreya at your place? I met ur husband too. U have done ur icwa course. i'm just a homemaker. doing nothin. keep in touch please if u get my message.

Looking for Rohini aagte, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 05 September, 2009 by paul, pune, Maharashtra

Email: chef_paul25(at)yahoo.com



Remember Adarsh college of Edu on Karve road. We were friends once! Then there was the Principal who was like a spanner in the wheel. Well, I just thought we could meet again for the sake of old times and recall those lovely days of 1972

Looking for Rajishree Murgan, Nasik, Maharashtra

Posted on 12 January, 2009 by felix coelho, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: anilfc(at)hotmail.com


We studied in KTHM collage u shifted to thane then there was no news from u still remember the fun days with u ubaid, feroz, priya, vidya if u get this reply back i tried to contact the others could get only ubaid and feroz.

Looking for Rohini Aagte,  Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 12 February, 2008 by Paul, Pune, Maharashtra

Email: chef_paul25(at)yahoo.com


Hi! Would like to get in touch with you. Haven't seen you since leaving Adaarsh College of Ed. I'm in the Gulf at present. Am working for a Government college. Remember the old times we had in the college. It was fun then. Hope you can recall the numerous rickshaw trips we made.

Looking for Rowena D'souza, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 26 May, 2007 by Vina,  Thunder bay

Email: joy2win2005(at)yahoo.com


Last met in 1991 in England London airport restaurant. Attended st josephs high school juhu beach - graduated grade 10 in 1977 - happy 16 birthday party - at vile parle bldg. Just would like to get in touch with you or if rovina dias or sagar shetty.

Looking for Rahul, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 18 February, 2007 by Namrata, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: aero_nam(at)yahoo.com


Do you remember we were in the same class in the 10th std?? I am Namrata here and i want to contact u because i want to tell u many things. Please reply giving your school name and who was our class teacher in the 10th std for proving that u r really rahul.

Looking for Roma Balwani, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on  08 November, 2006 by Anil Choudhary, Delhi

Email: sidhartha_1857(at)yahoo.co.in


Hello Roma,

Its been ages since we communicated. Down the memory lane now I understand why I lost you. But its too late in the day. But before I pop off I want to make amends and say a most sincere "sorry". Hope God would give me this chance - Anil.


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