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Looking for Preeti, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 14 November, 2011 by Kader, Pune, Maharashtra

Email: dubaiman27(at)gmail.com


Preeti was my colleague during 1995 to 1996 in Ratna Dharia office colaba in Mumbai Her full name is Preeti thorat, she lived in Bandra Government colony, Her Father was Professor. Please contact me Preeti , I just want to tell you that i have achieved in life what i have dreamed of , the only one thing i lost is a friend like you.

Looking for Pratibha Agrawal, mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 03 July, 2011 by geeta, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: gretakrish(at)gmail.com


Hi Pratibha

We studied together at Sarvodaya balika Vidyalay, Sunder Nagar, Malad, Mumbai in 10th class.

How are you doing? Are you in touch with our other friends?

Look forward to hear from you.

I am in San Jose, California and looking to get back in touch with friends I care about.

Look forward to hear back from you.

Looking for Pradeesh Pillai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 21 February, 2010 by mahua, Kolkata, West bengal

Email: mahua.riku(at)gmail.com



Remember me? I was one of your colleagues at Transcyber. Used to live at Kalyan. Later left the job and shifted to WB. Am a teacher now. I still miss those lovely days at Transcyber. Have been trying to locate you since a long time. Plz contact if possible for the sake of old friendship and tell me about yourself. You must be a doting husband and a responsible father now. Eager to know about you. Do you have contacts with the others (Pratibha, Preeti, Dinesh, Rajesh)?. Waiting eagerly for your reply.

Looking for preeti mungale, pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 17 January, 2010 by vishal, pune, Maharashtra

Email: vishalgurav88(at)gmail.com


i wants you preeti

Looking for pranali sawant, mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 25 December, 2009 by payal salvi (minal), mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: payalsalvi26(at)gmail.com


hi, pranali ..

i miss you so much pl. mala lavkrat lavkar e-mail kar. apan shailendra school madhe fred zalo . nantar sudha khupd abhetlo pan kahi kalanantar apla con. tutla pan ata tuzi athwan zali. tuza con. no. mazakade nahi tewha pl. mala mail kar.

Looking for pontha banerjee, ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Posted on 25 September, 2009 by vijeta, ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Email: needhi21(at)gmail.com


hi ,if ne 1 has contact of pontha banerjee of south indian welfareschool, ambernath, pls kindly send me...needhi_20@yahoo.com......hi pontha i miss u very much...where r u .i am sorry for being rude to u. .i have been to your parents place ...i have left my cell no...but u didnt call me..e i m really sorry...pls come back..i know u have been married in netherland...but you are still here in india. pls call me..

Message 2:

hi pontha, pls contact me.i miss u alot. whenever i go sumwhere i my eyes search for u unknowingly....i m sorry iwas rude to u...but belive me i was fed up of wat was going on....u never took me seriously...when ever i was with u .(i thought)... u just used me ...i just wanted u to understand my importance...just for that i was behaving rude...so that u can ask me y i was behaving in that way..but just left me......u even didnt invite me for ur marriage...but i had personally come to ur house to give my wedding invitation..i hope u got that.


Looking for Prajakta Garkhedkar, aurangabad, Maharashtra

Posted on 06 February, 2009 by p, aurangabad, Maharashtra

Email: piyupeps(at)gmail.com


hi i hope u also search me my friend. contact me earlier i m waiting

Looking for Priyanka teke, Pune / Nasik, Maharashtra

Posted on 03 December, 2008 by prasanna, pune, Maharashtra

Email: prasanna23187(at)rediffmail.com


hi piu,

where the hell you have gone without any reason. what wrong i have done with you. you know you are the one whom i liked so much and i always come to college only for you. you cannot go without any reason dear still i m waiting for your presence and wait till the .......you know what i want to say

Looking for Pramila Deshmukh, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 25 August, 2008 by SAMAD, AURANGABAD, Maharashtra

Email: samad_a_m(at)yahoo.com


Hi Pammy!

This is your STUDENT SAMAD from MSW college, Aurangabad. Been away from India since 1992, don't know why ? but after these long years, I want to be in touch with you. NEVER HAD I FORGOTTEN YOU, NOR WOULD I EVER, but then LIFE had different EPISODES made for me and I had to ACT in accordance to that.

Anyway, if someone knows any contact of PRAMILA DESHMUKH (originally from Pune, studied from KARVE COLLEGE - 1985-86, Post graduated), please do contact me. Would highly appreciate any assistance from anyone.

Looking for Prasad Desai, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 18 June, 2007 by Bina, Mumbai

Email: b_vaity61(at)yahoo.com


Want to recall i first meeting at the airport would like to meet you talk to you and be friends once again use to meet your friends at the airport who said that you were settled in goa. but for past one month you have been on my mind i don't know why and have started searching if i would get your email . seen your details at the circkinfo but did not get your email id there hope so i get just want to say hi

Looking for Padmaja Patwardhan, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on 23 May, 2006 by Manisha, pune, Maharashtra

Email: moghe.manisha(at)gmail.com


Hi Padmaja, This is Manisha Gandekar from PVK (SNDT), Karve Road, Pune. I am desperately searching a few of the school friends ( Supriya Marathe, Deepa marathe, Sadhana Gokhale etc) I have succeeded in searching Vaishali Chitnis. Pray to god that I find at least one of you. Looking forward to meet you soon. Bye, Manisha


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