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Looking for Mohit verma, Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Posted on 31 July, 2011 by Akash dhawade, Bhayander, Maharashtra

Email: Aakash_trunks(at)yahoo.in


I miss u........too much. call me plz... And how is ur little brother Harshith...hope he is fine!!...remember how we use to spend time togather...how is ur mom and dad? plz atleat let me know where r u?

Looking for Meenakshimumbai, Vile-parle, Maharashtra

Posted on 04 March, 2011 by lata, occidental, Maharashtra

Email: lata_pagare(at)yahoo.com


Hi MEENA wherever your please contact me lata_pagare@yahoo.com i really want to get in touch with you, i really miss those days that we lived together in vile-parle kandiwali i miss you. so much i live in U.S.A. i have two kids.9 & 10 yr i try to look for you a lot.

Looking for Marilyn easow, Pune / Mumbai / Kerala

Posted on 08 January, 2011 by mark, kottayam, Kerala

Email: melly_99(at)rediffmail.com


i was really lucky to have known such a wonderful person.....well things didn't work out as planned....but i really don know what to way back then...i just wanted her to get over it slowly.....but....i couldn't.....just wish to say to her for the last time.....u r a great person...by the way you are ......will always be there for u as a very true friend..

Looking for Meena Panhale Parab, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 25 October, 2010 by Priya, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: bubblygal18(at)rediffmail.com


Hi Meena,

We worked in RCS Andheri together. Heard u r married ..Where r u now.. do Pls contact ASAP or give ur contact details. Miss all of U very much esp. Kalpana, Swati, Della and others ..soni

Looking for Mousumi bulbule, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 11 August, 2010 by Rita patric, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: rita_patric(at)indiatimes.com


we worked together for five years.

Looking for Manjit Singh Shahi, Pune, Maharashtra

Posted on  03 May, 2010 by Umanath Javale, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: yesesvee(at)hotmail.com


Last studied together at Kendriya Vidyala, Dehu Road. I am informed that Mr Singh joined The Army, in Medical Line. We studied together for three years. Very smart and friendly. His father was in the Army as Qarter Master. Mr Singh has one sister.

I will be thakful if any one let me know his whereabouts.



Looking for Meera Tripathi, Mumbai (Originally from Delhi state).

Posted on 18 February, 2010 by Chard John, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Email: rcrj.john(at)gmail.com


Meera, do you remember me, we had a beautiful relationship when you were here in Bahrain and working for Gulf Air.

I am happily married now, to Cynthia and we have a son Jermaine who is already working.

Hope I will be able to get in touch with you.



Looking for Mukund sanglikar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 13 February, 2010 by Seshadri, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: seshadrikv(at)bharatpetroleum.in


We were together in UDCT (1971-1974) during the three years of chemical engineering when you chose to leave UDCT and go for mathematics education. You may recall jayant pai, Iyer and Myself (seshadri) used to hang out together during that period.

Looking for Manvendra Ghag, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 06 February, 2010 by Sunil Damania, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: sunil.damania1(at)gmail.com


Hi Manvendra,

I hope U remember me we were in Class 7th in St Francis Dassis High School and just wanted to see U again if that was possible I would really be very happy to see u again. I am married and have a daughter and I stay at Kandivli lets meet up

Take care.

Looking for Manish Patwardhan, Nashik, Maharashtra

Posted on 28 March, 2007 by Pallavi Warty, Nashik, Maharashtra

Email: pallaviwarty(at)yahoo.com


Just remembered you all of a sudden we were in school right from first std till tenth and then lost touch. Just felt like getting in touch with you again. Wanted to know how you are doing in life and your whereabouts.

Looking for Meghna Kate / K. V Pendharkar College, Thane / Dombivli, Maharashtra

Posted on 20 March, 2007 by Sandeep

Email: sandeepsarode74(at)gmail.com


Hi Meghna,

How are you? Please try to contact me on above said email ID. Also give me your contact details. Tell me some thing about you. Where are you presently? Hope you will reply me...

Best regards, Sandeep

Looking for Mohan PVK, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Posted on 2005-04-08 by Subash, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: tycoons(at)calicutnet.com

Message: Where the hell are you?


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