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Posted on 16 November, 2011 by UNNIKRISHNAN, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: uknvllchra(at)gmail.com


Dear Tomi

Since 1992 we were in touch for few months only that also through letters. Since then no news. Where are you.

Remember the days of Esjay International at Worli. Remember our third friend who used to be very busy. You taught me a new game which i still play.

Second Message:

Hope that last five years at kerala are the best times to be at home. Remember we met at Worli Mumbai in an Export Firm while you came to Mumbai for going abroad. For some period you were in Mumbai before proceeding to gulf country. You an me were very busy in playing on small board game (especially keeping the board inside the drawar). If you come across this message immediately send an email.

Looking for Thomaskutty NC, IDUKKY, Kerala

Posted on 12 March, 2010 by  Unny, Kochi,  Kerala

Email: vkunnynpol(at)yahoo.com


Mr. ThomasKutty NC

studied BSc Physics in Nirmala collage Muvattupuzha MSc. Physics at MA Collage Kothamangalan

Joined in Indain Army

Mr. ThomasKutty NC

studied BSc Physics in Nirmala collage Muvattupuzha MSc. Physics at MA Collage Kothamangalan Joined in Indian Army

Looking for Tirurangadi Govt. THS - Chelari, Chelari, Kerala

Posted on 09 January, 2007 by Sabeer Ali, Velliyampuram, Kerala

Email: sabeerkk(at)gmail.com


Hai, I am Sabeer Ali. I studied in Govt Technical High School Tirurangadi - Chelari during the period 1993-1995. I am looking for my classmates & Schoolmates.


Looking for Thottathil family


Posted on Mar 23, 2005 by Shyam Thottathil Mukundan
Hi there. I am shyam fm George town. I belong to the Thottathil family(my dad) If u happen to be a thottathil too pls give me more details....thank u........

Email: mukund70(at)hotmail.com


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