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Looking for Devika mother, Kerala,

Posted on 14 September, 2011 by Karthika, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Email: narenkarthy(at)@gmail.com


I am Karthika. I met a friend in Bangalore Express Train on 20/08/2011. Her daughter name is Devika, studying kindergarten. She is from Kerala (either Palakkad, Aluva, Thrissur, Ernakulam). I want to meet that friend again. If someone knows pl help me to find her out.

message 2:

I met one train friend in Bangalore express train on 20/08/2011. Her daughter name is devika studying kindergarten and they are from kerala. If devika's mother sees this message pl contact me at narenkarthy(at)gmail.com. Friends if anyone knows devika's mother pl ask her to contact my mail-id.

Looking for Deepa Elizabeth/ Worked in Benziger Hospital, Kollam year 1999, Ranni, Kollam, Kerala

Posted on 22 November, 2009 by Boney, Kollam, Kerala

Email: boneycax(at)yahoo.com


She studied with my wife and we met when my grand mother was in the hospital. She got married in odanavattom. Kottarakara. we heard that her mother passed away. She has two sisters. One name is Shobha. We lost all the contact details. She has also worked in pushpagiri hospital. Tiruvalla. Kollam.

Looking for Daniel Philip / RV College, Bangalore, Malapally, Kerala

Posted on 15 July, 2009 by Jayant Banerji, Faridabad,  Haryana

Email: jayant.banerji(at)yahoo.com


Too bad that I lost touch with you. Have been searching your contact details for quite sometime. Hope this site will help me to find you.

The adventure trips to Hosur were fantastic and would love to go on a bike rally once again. Wish the bottles gang could reunite once again. It would be a miracle if you surface after seeing this site.

Looking for Deepa. P. Kumar / Aiswarya, Govt Women's college, Trivandrum, (Native Thodupuzha)

Posted on 11 February, 2008 by Kavitha Varma, Ernakulam, Kerala,

Email: kavithaiiu(at)yahoo.com


Hi Deepa / Aiswarya,

How are you. I am your very old friend of you. Kavitha. The last time we talked was you inviting for your wedding. I had you chennai hostel address. But not your original address in THodupuzha. How is life. Me married with 2 kids ( boys). And about you. Please contact me and be in touch.

Looking for Daly Thanakhoutoo, Kerala

Posted on 08 June, 2007 by Soobee, London

Email: soobeeneermul(at)hotmail.com'


Hi Daly, please get in touch with me. I have lost your contact details. lots to catch up. what have been doing since leaving uk? how is your family? are you a mum yet? what are you up to now? I hope by now you are working as a sister in a big hospitals. do you still remember macclesfield - Soobee

Looking for Deepa Britto, Ernakulam, Kerala.

Posted on 14 January, 2007 by Siby Cherian Mathew, White Field, Banglore, Karnataka

Email: mystic_siby(at)hotmail.com


Looking for deepa. Was a close friend but know don't know where she is right know. Only thing i know is she is in Ernakulum in Kerala. Even her email id is not active so i have got no other way to contact her.

Looking for Dilip Menon / Assembly of God Church School, Calcutta. Native Town ( Thrissur, Kerala)

Posted on 2005-08-26 by Gopi Krishnan Nair, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: gk_nair61(at)yahoo.com


Have lost touch since schooldays in 1980

Looking for Divya Mohan T V, Calicut, Kerala.

Posted by Tintu Mathew, Calicut, Kerala on 2005-08-08.

Email: tintu_mathew(at)rediffmail.com


I am looking for Divya mohan who was my classmate at presentation, calicut. Wherever u are Divya plz respond.

Looking forward...Tintu

Looking for Danny Zachariah / MRF, Kottayam, Kerala

Posted by REJI ALEX, ERNAKULAM on 2005-08-11




Looking for P V David, Aranattukara (Thrissur), Kuttikaden House

Posted on 2005-04-16 for T M Francis, Oxford, UK.

Email: tmfrancis(at)aol.com

Message: David was a close friend of mine while we both were students of St Joseph's college, Thiruchirappalli during 1956-58. I was a B.Sc (physics) student while David was pursuing a B.A (Economics?) degree. He was also the goal-keeper of the College football team. Together with three other friends we were members of a group called "War Quality Brothers". I would very much love to get in touch with David

Looking for Dinesh Kumar (s/o Babulal Jain)
Posted on Friday, May 03, 2002 by Mathew, Leeds, UK.

E-mail: qannai(at)hotmail.com
Message :
I was a student of St. Joseph's college, Devagiri between 1988-1990 and had a classmate by the name of Dinesh Kumar (s/o Babulal Jain) who is now an advocate in Calicut city. I am a Malaysian national but am currently in the United Kingdom. If anyone knows Dinesh's contact id/number, please forward it to me. Mathew, Leeds, UK.


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