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Looking for CKG Govt. College, Perambra (Friends from the college)

Posted on 18 March, 2007 by Rakesh, Koothali, Kerala

Email: rakeshakurup(at)hotmail.com


Hi am Rakesh here, am searching for my college mates during 1993-1996 in CKG Govt. College, Perambra, Kozhikkode Dist. Want to renew the friendship and internet widens its hands to us to meet. So hurry friends.  Send me message in detail.

I was an active member of KSU, studied in B.Com. i do remember the following friends' name, Sreejith P, Mahesh, Rafeeq Chathoth, Rafeeq Anavathilkal, VenuGopal Chairman (SFI), Smitha (thadichi), Smitha, Pavitha, Babitha, Sereena, Sujith (VJD), Akhilesh, Chandran, (ABVP), Nawas (MSF), Manoj (AISF), Seema, Daliya Thomas, Jincy, Sathyan (SFI), Shibu Thattumburam (KSU), etc...etc....... hurry up friends, msg me as soon as u can.

Looking for Celine Soy, KIzhakkambalam, Kerala

Posted on 29 November, 2006 by Shali, Kottayam, Kerala

Email: sbijo(at)optusnet.com.au


Celine I am Shali here, your friend worked with you in G T B hospital Delhi. How are you / where are you at the moment? I sent you a letter before but i didn't get any reply. How is Soy / you know our friend shyla? She is in muscat now. I got two kids. Do you remember you came to see my son? Have you got any kids ?

Looking for Christ college, Irinjalakuda, Kerala

Posted on 30 November, 2005 by Bimal, Irinjalakuda

Email: mrbimal(at)rediffmail.com


like to catch my friends of 1992-94 Christ College.....Gang Law Breakers.....call me in my mob 9846158522

Looking for Choyi, Calicut, Kerala

Posted on 03 March, 2006 by Satish Choy, Cochin, Kerala

Email: satishchoy(at)yahoo.com.au


I am trying to trace my ancestors of the Choy or Choyi family name. They were originally from Mallapuram district in Kerala but may have moved to other districts over time. I am after some e-mail addresses so that I can follow through my enquiries with them. I am happy for you to publicize my e-mail address so that people with that choy or choyi surname can contact me directly



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