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Looking for AC vidhyadhara, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 15 August, 2012 by S Srikanth, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: srik_371(at)yahoo.com


Hi where r u? This is Srikanth Airforce forgotten me ur not in facebook. I have retired from Air force. now in bangalore malleshwaram how r u doing? Any trace about Dashrat singh Vishwanath what are they doing?

Looking for Vinay Bharghava, Tumkur, Karnataka

Posted on 18 July, 2012 by Mythri.sk, Bangalore

Email: aeeca.work(at)gmail.com


He is my project sir. during 2011,I thought he may come to Bangalore from Germany and he is working as software Engineer in Robert Bosch company. He got married on Feb 2009and then he went to Germany. he has studied in Sri siddartha institute of Technology at Tumkur.

Looking for K P Vanamala, Kodagu, Karnataka

Posted on 13 April, 2012 by Raja Chaudhuri, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Email: rajasona(at)gmail.com


Friendship is an art, a wonderful talent that comes out of heart. Mala, It's 23 years passed since I have seen you. Hope you are fine by the grace of GOD. Hoping to find you again. That would be my happiest day in life again.

Looking for Vinay, Tumkur, Karnataka

Posted on 11 April, 2010 by Ashwitha, mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: ash_a3m(at)yahoo.com


Hi Vinay, this is Ashwitha from Chickmagalur. presently in Mumbai. Hope u r well. I woukd like to be in touch with u. I lost my cell. so i lost ur no. If see this msg email me.

Looking for vijayraj(singam), naveen, chinthamani, Karnataka

Posted on 06 October, 2009 by suhas avr, thirupathi, Andhra Paradesh

Email: shasavr(at)gmail.com


We are best friends. we studied ca(pe1) together in the year 2004-05. where you now?

Looking for Vasudeva Murthy, Karnataka.

Posted on 24 March, 2009 by Subby Subramanyam, Spring, Texas, United States,

E-mail: Kannadaclub(at)AOL.com,


Looking for Vasudeva Murthy, son of (N?) Rama Rao, Ex-Head master, Dist. board High school, Srinivaspur, Kolar dist., circa: 1953-54; had older sisters Kumuda and Lalitha, and younger brothers. Father became a Dist. Edu. Officer later.

Looking Vinay Parvathikar, Hubli, Belgave, Karnataka

Posted on 29 July, 2007 by Anil Kumar, Cochin, Kerala

Email: anar1205(at)yahoo.ca


I am looking for my friend Vinay Parvathikar from Hubli or Belgave in Karnataka, His parents are doctors in Hubli, he studied his Hotel Management in Bangalore. We were together in Hotel Vrishali at Kolhapur, Maharashtra during 1996-97, I don't know whether you remember me or not, we had a very good time there. Also there Suresh from Hubli, once we together visited his house. If somebody knows him, kindly contact me on my email

Looking for Vignesh, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 25 July, 2006 by K. Vinod kumar, Hyderabad, Andhra Paradesh

Email: vinodjack747(at)gmail.com


I, K.vinod kumar and vignesh were best friends and class mates in kendriya vidyalaya picket till 10th standard, where i lost him when he got transferred from Hyderabad to i am not sure but i think vadodara (i remember he told me) we were three friends viswanath, vinod and vignesh it was the year 1999.

He is fair in complexion, his father works in a bank. we were passionate about vedio games, his house is some what near my school.


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