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Looking for B.K. Lakshmi, Bangalore

Posted on 11 February, 2011 by Indu, (London, Ontario, Canada),

Email: indumathipudupakkam(at)gmail.com


You were my class mate in Womens Peace league, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. You lived in Shankar Mutt rd.

You use to come to my sister Leelamma's house in Ghandhi Bazzar. S. Uma was also in our class

Message 2:

Dear Lakshmi, Do you remember me? you were in Shankar Mutt Rd. You had an younger sister & two elder sisters. Your niece name was Nalini I think who was also a dance student of T.S. Bhutt. You used to come & see me in my sister's house Leelamma who lived in Ghandhi Bazzar Rd. Our School friends were, S. Uma, Padmini, Chandrika, Shyla, B.P.Uma, Swarna. Now do you remember? please write to me on my email or my address is 6 Culver Court, London, Ontario, Canada.


Posted on 27 June, 2010 by ASHIS, Kolkata, West bengal

Email: miscokwt(at)gmail.com


Dear Laphy,

If you please read this message, kindly contact me immediately on my email. Remember, we were at SIT [Tumkur] together. I have been trying to contact you but in vain. It is really so poignant to think about those wonderful university days when you had lots to say and yet nothing was said at all.


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