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Looking for Deepak Karkera, Karnataka

Posted on 04 August, 2011 by Geetha Nair, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: geet_85(at)yahoo.in


Name : Deepak Karkera

Native : Karnatak

Height : 6'2"

Whitish color

smart, good looking, Handsome

Date Of Birth : 04th Aug

Used to stay in Bhayander, Now No Idea. v used to play Garba together, Sunday used to play on terrace. Used to take car of me like am a small child so protective.


Posted on 30 May, 2010 by Rajkumar, Tumkur, Karnataka

Email: rajkumariit71(at)yahoo.in


I came across a beautiful college going girl in the year 1980-82, she was studying PUC in Siddaganga women's college, Tumkur, later she shifted to Bengaluru, I am aware where is she and how is she. she is very simple and kind lady, she is to stay in siddaramanna ladys hostel near badramma choultry, tumkur

Looking for Dinesh, Bangalore

Posted on 09 November, 2008 by Deepthi Nelson, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: deepthinelson(at)gmail.com


Hi dinesh,

This is deepthi here. remember? its yrs since we haven't met or spoke. i don't even know where u r? i tried to contact you from the number you had given but no use. Now am using internet to find you coz I want our friendship back. After I left gokaldas we haven't met at all, I had just cum to know that you were working in tirupur. Anyways if you find my message, please try to contact me.

Looking for Diana Higgins, Bangalore

Posted on 24 August, 2007 by Lenard, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: sale987654(at)yahoo.com


Hey where are u now? I heard u are in dubai. I am here too. Mail me so we can meet. How is life going on with u and how are you, sisters, and mother? Hope they are all doing fine.

Looking for  Dinesh Naidu /agriculture college, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 2005-08-11 by K.P. Hemant Kumar, Tellicherry, Kerala

Email: dubaihemant(at)hotmail.com


Dear Dinesh,

I am trying to trace you. I'm now in dubai. r u still in b'lore? i go back to hebbal Air force quarters days often. i wonder where Mahesh will be now. hope we get in touch soon...

Looking for  Deepak Kamath, Mangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 30 June, 2006 by Vivek, Mangalore

Email: Vivek_Baliga(at)Rediffmail.com


Deepak was my classmate in 10th Std and 1st and 2nd PUC (Canara College). Deepak if u read this message please mail me.



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