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Looking for Chandra P, bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 05 October, 2009 by  Bharathi K P, bangalore, Karnataka

Email: bharathi72(at)gmail.com


hey chandra, I have been trying to look for you for the last few years. Where are you?? This is bharathi who worked with you in First Computers. Please get in touch with me incase you happen to see this message.

Looking for Dr. Chandrasekhar KV, JJMMC Davangere, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 25 October, 2007 by Dr. Prakash NS, Mangalore, Karnataka

Email: hegdeprans(at)yahoo.com


Dear chandra, haven't heard from u in along time. you still in Jamaica? me married and settled in mangalore. pl do get in touch. perhaps you have changed your email add, as i have not received any rep to the mails i sent to 'ckal_786@yahoo.com. how are ur parents? have they shifted to Hyderabad? regards

Looking for Chakrapani, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 24 August, 2007 by Cecil Mathew, Bangalore

Email: cecilmathew2002(at)rediffmail.com


Dear Chakrapani, I am Cecil Mathew your colleague from GE Lighting, and wish to meet you, I am now married and now staying at RR Nagar in Bangalore. It is long time since i have lost a good friend. with regards, Cecil Mathew.

Looking for N.E. Chitra, Bangalore, Karnataka

Posted on 09 July, 2007 by SUNIL, Kochi, Kerala

Email: sunilv06(at)yahoo.co.in


i thought i found a good friend in you. seldom we talked but at heart we were close... i would very much want to locate her simply because i wish to open up ,nothing to do with romantic inclination.. in fact i am having a rather unique way of life...


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