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Looking for Preeti Prabhakar Gaikaiwari - M.S. University - Commerce, Vadodara, Gujarat

Posted on 31 October, 2011 by Deepak Hiranandani, Vadodara, Gujarat

Email: deepmotomex(at)yahoo.com


Hi, It is unforgettable discussion. when you last told me, I will meet after marriage and you should not call me, I followed but please call me on land line or mail you might be out of Gujarat, but you have visited our dream house.

Looking for Poritosh Manna/ Nityananda High School, Amta, Ramsaday college, Amta, Howrah, Gujarat

Posted on 18 October, 2010 by champak Chakraborty, Amta, West bengal

Email: ccamta(at)yahoo.com


Bohudin toke khujchi. Na-na taka paina ba chaina tor kache. Sudhu mone hoy ektu jogajog thakbe na! Bises ghatona ekta mone korie di nijeke proman korar jonya. 1976 M.P. debar somoy tor pitribiyog hoyechilo. sada kapor pore tui poriksha diyechili amader batch-e.

Looking for Prakash Gusain, Bhuj, Gujarat,

Posted on 04 June, 2008 by Uday K Adhikari, Sharjah - U.A.E.

Email: uadhikari21(at)gmail.com


Hi Prakash,

I would be pleased to be in touch with you once again. It is almost 25 yrs since I left Bhuj. I still remember the the happy moments in the couple of yrs which I spent in Bhuj along with you and Hemant Shah. If you get this message, pl do get in touch.

Warm regards, Uday


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