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Looking for Rakshit, MBBS (AIIMS), Delhi

Posted by Meenakshi / Meenu, Delhi on 25 July, 2012

Email: bhatia.meenakshi(at)gmail.com


Hi Rakshit, I'm searching for you for so long. Remember we met in the year 2002-2003, you were studying MBBS from AIIMS in 2003. we had seen the film Serendipity in your hostel. pls contact me, this is Meenu.

None of the alumni from Aiims are able to tell anything about you.

Looking for rashmi, Delhi

Posted on 30 August, 2011 by Alok, bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Email: mathur.alokkumar.alok5(at)gmail.com


I am missing you...........too much

Looking for Rajesh Bhalla, Delhi

Posted by Aswath, Trivandrum, Kerala

Email: nairaswath(at)yahoo.co.in


I still remember you. This happened almost 20 years back. We used to meet almost daily at nehru park, delhi. U were a permanent visitor to Ashoka Hotel. Those days we mobile was not there to keep ur contact no. If you can recollect me please contact me.

Looking for Ritu Rawal, new delhi, Delhi

Posted on 23 December, 2010 by sangeeta arora, new delhi

Email: niceboy21_made4u(at)yahoo.com


hi dis is baby didi.. remember i was ur neighbour in sarojini ngr k213...

We spent a lot of time together during our childhood... have been searching for u since long.. thought u would be there on facebook but couldn't find

Looking for Sh. Rakesh Sharma, Sohan Ganj Delhi,

Posted on 27 September, 2010 by  Iqbal khan, Delhi

Email: iqbalkhandl(at)yahoo.com


You are with me in lahore montessorie school bungalow road Behind K.M. College From Nursery to 5th standard (september-1974)only. as I remember your father in D.E.S.U. Once I have gone to your house along with you and ran away in front of your house in sohan ganj

Looking for Rajat Sharma / Armed force medical college, Delhi

Posted on 20 October, 2009 by Padma, india

Email: p.singh7(at)yahoo.com


hey i m looking for a friend of mine from afmc passed out i guess in 1997 not sure but just wanted to know if he is ok and want to know his where about. i guess its been very long and i searched for him in facebook too but no luck coz i dont know how he looks now.

Looking for Rekha Krishna / Dabur India Ltd, New Delhi

Posted on 16 August, 2008 by  Lakshmy Das, AbU Dhabi. UAE

Email: lakshmidas(at)hotmail.com


Hi Rekha...

Hope you remember me?

Where are you now? Hope you are doing fine in your profession. Please do reply to this search request. It will be nice to communicate with you.

Looking for Ram Chand Ramsinghani, New Delhi

Posted on  10 August, 2007 by Dhara Singh, Frozepur, Punjab

Email: nagpalsherman(at)btconnect.com


Hello, Ram chand, I have been looking for you for the last 15 years. Every time I went to India I looked for you. Last time it was eight years ago. I went to your old address in Defence Colony New Delhi. your name plates were on the door but the house was empty. Please get in touch through my E-mail. I must talk to again about old times. I still live In England. All the rest of the brothers and sisters are still in and around Feroze Pore. Your Brotherly, Dhara Singh


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