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Andhra Pradesh

Looking for regina / St.fracis girls college, secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Posted on 12 June, 2012 by balasubramanyam, New Delhi,

Email: aeinampudi(at)yahoo.co.in


Hi BR, this is one of B, hope you are fine. I want to see you, kindly forgive please. My health is not supporting pls give details where are you, i want to see you before i ....! With the domestic front in near disarray, I am deeply concerned about my family and had to endure frequent stress and sleepless nights.

Looking for ravi / tcs (Chhattisgarh), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Posted on 25 February, 2012 by gita, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Email: geetha.vanas(at)yahoo.com


hi,dis is gita. how r u ? just to say plzzz forgive me for everything today i'm realising but no mean/value. I remember to u 2 identify me whom am i--[-shyam ki roshni se andhera-]-i'm really sorry, just to say forgive me. don't recall anything or don't tel 2 anyone about this message putting. is first and last?

Looking for Rajashekar, nuzvid, Andhra Paradesh

Posted on 03 June, 2011 by starling James, pune, Maharashtra

Email: starocks.james7(at)gmail.com


hi, someone is searching you for a long time, pls its rupa...

contact her.. she is really missing u alot, she even tried to call u but ur num is not working... i hope u r fine... give her a cal, where have u disappeared.... leaving her like this. Please contact her she is in pune..

Looking for rajesh.v, hanmakonda, Andhra Paradesh

Posted on 07 July, 2010 by kavya, karimnagar, Andhra Paradesh

Email: kavyarsm(at)gmail.com


iam really sorry dude but iam missing u a lot don't know wat mistake happnd vth me but today i lost my biggest dat is you wherever u are be happy i never thought dat u vl bcome far from me jesus vl bless you bright future

Looking for Ravi chandran, chittur, Andhra Paradesh

Posted on 08 September, 2008 by dr.suresh kumar, Thrissur, Kerala

Email: drsureshb(at)gmail.com


Dear Ravich

Where are you dear? We haven't seen since long years. May be around 20! We have spent a nice time in school and also up to your polytechnic times in Vellore. I came to your hostel day with Jayakumar and Kumaravel. Please contact me.


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