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"If you like people, people will like you."

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At Lost Friends India, we help you find your lost friends and help you unite with them. You can post your message with the entry from on the right. We will publish it on the appropriate page.
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From Kashmir to Kerala, wherever your friend may be, try to convey your message of friendship. That, you still cherish those golden days and nice time together... Make your entry here...


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Amitabh Pandey, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh | Sukhbir, Pathankot, Punjab | Diana Higgins, Bangalore | Chakrapani, Bangalore | Nannu, Firozepur, Punjab

"Do you remember dpf street? I don't know your name but I miss you now. I was the school girl with a dark blue uniform and short hair. I used to sit in the Ganesh temple everyday and you will go to college at 8.10 in the morning. I really miss you. Can we be friends again? You live in a corner near a small ground in dpf street and I used to live in 149. I think about you everyday. Please, please be my friend; thanks - Preethi, Email : pk7v07(at)soton.ac.uk   Free Rice - Play and Help!

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